How To Use Iron On Patches And Make More Stylish Garments

Iron on patches designs are some of the best ways to show your own uniqueness. And if you want to create beautiful patches on your clothes and show off what you’ve made, this guide can help you in every step of the process. Why not make your favorite jacket more attractive with these patches? You are sure to enjoy the outcome after following some easy steps provided below.

Hide those torn and damaged spots in your clothes with iron on patches and see how it can add to your confidence. It can be a fun way to accessorize your clothing. Our main goal here is to teach you how to iron the patch and guarantee that it will stay in place. Now, read on the following guidelines to help you style your garments just like a pro:

Prepare the fabric where the iron on patch will be attached – there are patches with glue or adhesives on their back while some only provide cloth backing. Check the type of patch you’ll be using and see what additional materials you need to use. The types of patches include decorative-embroidered fabric patch, transfer paper patch, cloth-backing patch, stain or holes cover-up patch, and the custom designed patch.

 PatchesCheck your fabric or accessory

Fabrics like cotton and denim offer convenient base for iron on patches. Rule is you need to choose the patch that matches the fabric. You can check the care label of the fabric to make sure if you can iron it.

Consider the placement and design

Be sure to decide where you want to put the patch. Once you’ve ironed it on the fabric, you cannot just remove it again. If you are going to attach one patch, placing is important. But if you want to iron more patches on the fabric, you can follow a specific pattern.

Put the fabric’s base on flat and heat-resistant surface

It would help if you could use the ironing board but if it’s not available, you can just lay the item with a doubled-up towel on the table. However, you can iron the towel first to ensure good surface for the fabric.


Put the patch on the exact position you want to see it

Make sure the patch is not crooked and the adhesive side lays flat on the fabric’s base. If you are using cloth patch, you will get a guide on the packaging so that you will know how to exactly apply it.

Sew the edges of the patch

To ensure that the patch is tightly attached on the fabric, sew the edges. However, you need to pick a thread that will match your patch. Iron on patches should be permanent so be careful when washing the garment.

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Wearing Fashionable Clothes with Beautiful Patches

Now that you already know how to use patches on your clothes, explore more ways to perfectly embellish your garments. You can experiment on the colors and shapes to make sure that you are using the ideal one for your needs. If you want to buy custom patches, we can also provide you with such design. All you need to do is send us your design and we will produce more of it.

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