Types of Golf Shoes

A nice pair of golf shoes allows you to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience on the course. Some golfers may not realize it, but the right shoes can provide added comfort as well as support while playing, whereas regular shoes cannot.

Most players need to navigate around the course, and golf shoe makers have poured in substantial resources to research and development in order to ensure that you can perform with comfort while also helping you optimize your performance on the greens.

Manufacturers push the limits of spike, upper, water-resistant, and sole technology and it is only proper to consider golf shoe a key component of the game and label it as a game improvement tool.

This guide discusses the different types of golf shoes to help you determine what shoe can assist you in each situation.

Cleated or Spike Shoes

The classic spike shoe offers style, traction, breathability, comfort, and water resistance. The main advantage of this shoe is the stability it brings to your swings by means of promoting a good grip.
Modern technology has made way for the development of traditional shoes that are lightweight yet able to provide the stability required by serious golfers. However, trade-offs are pretty common these days so keep this in mind when shopping for a golf shoe.

Golf Boot

Spikeless Shoes

The latest advancement in golf shoes has been the advent of the street or spikeless shoe. This type of shoe is primarily designed for style and comfort, and tends to be flat-soled and lightweight. Most players use dimpled soles or rubber studs in place of the standard spikes, offering utmost accuracy for the 19th hole, driving ranges, and other firm surfaces.

Many of today’s professional golfers choose to wear a street style shoe, either for its appearance or the comfort it gives which can aid foot and back pain. This makes spikeless shoes popular among a range of players, not only for casual golfers.

The initial concerns regarding the durability of spikeless soles and the unavailability of worn spike replacement have been alleviated by the development of modern rubber technology that shoemakers assert will outlive the natural life span of this shoe type.

Golf Boot

Golf Sandal

Although rare, the golf boot is your natural defense to environmental impediments. Its design looks relatively similar to a wellington boot or hiking boot and it can be a good water-proof alternative to a standard shoe. Golf boots may be heavier and don’t allow ample freedom around your ankles during a swing, but they provide great warmth and traction for the winter season of golf. Some versions of this shoe also have gaitors that help increase water resistance.

These shoes can be a bit expensive because they use thick water-proof material all over them, but they promise to keep all sorts of mud and water out.

Golf Sandal

Golf players in hot environments inspired the golf sandal onto the mainstream market and so manufacturers started developing sandal versions of the golf shoes. The open-toe design suggests that they are extremely breathable during summer games. While so, golf sandals can be uncomfortable for extended walks and the straps can possibly cause blisters on your feet.

Sandals are typically cheaper than shoes and can keep your feet cool, but they provide limited water resistance and weak lateral support, in contrast to a regular golf shoe.

In addition, golf footwear can be made of different materials which have developed significantly over the past several years. A number of manmade products have now been utilized in both the outer and upper sole to offer an excellent combination of stability, comfort, and waterproofing.
Golf shoes can be made of either leather or synthetic material with or without waterproof linings.

If you’re in search for the perfect pair of shoes to walk around in on the golf course, rockbottomgolf.com has a great collection for you to choose from. You may want a lightweight shoe, metal spikes, or one that fits all weather conditions. Whatever you required in a shoe, you will surely find it in today’s highly diverse market.